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We at Tusken Chiropractic & Acupuncture believe in balance.
Energy, structural and nutritional balance.

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The muscular-skeletal system works best when each joint in the body does its job. Not too much (hyper mobile) not too little (fixated) but just right. Our job as chiropractors is to balance the joints, support hyper-mobile joints, unlock fixated joints and balance corresponding muscles and ligaments. We also believe that compression on joints creates malfunctions. Therefore we use decompression techniques in our office and support decompression strategies and exercises at home to maximize work done in the office.

We utilize many different techniques to accomplish the structural balance. Our experience is that each patient is different and requires an individual approach. With this knowledge we will treat each person accordingly. 

We also believe that you, the patient, are the biggest influence in your life, and we will develop life health programs for you to make your input most effective.

It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

Chiropractic and diabetes - The connection between blood sugar and the spine

(NaturalNews) The possibility for chiropractic care to help people with diabetes is an up and coming area of research, and it is an important one. Roughly one out of every three men and two out of every five women born in the year 2000 will suffer from diabetes in their lifetime.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035546_chiropractic_blood_sugar_diabetes.html#ixzz2ZoD4lgz9


Dr. Rhett Tusken
Loveland Chiropractor | Tusken Chiropractic & Acupuncture |  970-669-5433

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